haven’t been on here in awhile.

and there are some pretty strange, rude, funny, and out-there questions in my inbox right now. most of which i don’t feel like answering. i’ll get to them eventually, don’t you worry you curious little anons. 

August 10th.

I’m so incredibly stoked to be seeing maiden in 20 days. But god how I wish some j’s and whiskey could be accompanying me on the adventure. who knows? sober minded just might be the best way to see those metal gods live. man, i can’t fucking wait. 

I’ve been on a nothing but Dio binge lately.


tomorrow I get to hear the babies heartbeat for the first time, and we get our first sonogram! I’m excited. Fingers crossed that it’s only one heartbeat I hear, ha. Then, after my doctors appointment I have an interview at US bank. I’m sure hearing the babies heartbeat is going to give me motivation to nail my interview, I just have to make sure I don’t cry all my make up off. 

Wish me luck!


just might be my new favorite website. so many amazing recipes for me to geek out on!